Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

work camp beschreibung

dies ist die offizielle beschreibung des work camps auf der seite von civs - einige schreibfehler (ANYIKO statt ONYIKA!) inklusive. :)


Onyika Health Center is a community initiative project that was initiated to serve the people of Ugunja community by offering cheaper and affordable yet effective  medical and counselling services. Since the establishment of the project the local community have benefited tremedously as they dont require to walk for long distances to get these services. Thanks to the project lives have been saved and people have been made aware of major issues affecting them. The establishment of the centre has thus created employment to both the skilled and unskilled. The centre has increased the knowledge of the ugunja community in HIV/AIDS i.e. how to live with it positively as well as help reduce stigma.

Workcamp activities: The volunteers will take part in farm work activities that involve preparation of land Community work,sand harvesting, construction work and brick makingas wellas HIV/AIDS aweareness. In the afternoon the volunteers will be involved in out door activities that include school visits, workshops, and home visits volunteers are to work for a maximum of 5-6 hours a day. Weekends volunteers will take part in excursion to laern more about the area as well some of the can be free for dairy writting.

Accomodation: Volunteers will be hosted by a members of the project. You will need to have a sleeping bag and mat. 

Food: Food is provided from what is locally availlable, but the volunteers will share in the responsibility of prepairing the food.

Meeting Point: All volunteers taking part in this project will meet in Nairobi for their one day orientation before proceeding to the project.

Orientation: Volunteers participating in this project will participate in the orientation that will be held on 12th January, 2010; hence volunteers are expected to have arrived in Nairobi before this day

Cost 265 Euros: This includes participation fee, food during the project, Airport transfers and 4 nights accommodation in Nairobi

Educational safari: Volunteers interested in joining a three days wildlife safari to the famous Maasai Mara National reserve are advised to book in advance. Scheduled departures are three days before the orientation and three days after the workcamp. The cost for the educational safari is 280 Euro.The dates are as from 9th - 11th Jan and 1st - 3rd Feb.

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